Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Seeing Goodness

Rejoice and be glad. That is a hard request when pain and fatigue are constant companions. Isn't it annoying when people tell us to smile sometimes? And don't you just want to smack the yellow smile face stickers?

Did I make you smile? It does help really. Medical studies have shown us that laughter is good for us physically. But even if we cannot manage to find it in us to laugh out loud, we can be joyful in our spirit.

On even my worst days I try to look for things to lighten my heart. One of my favorite mugs states simply ..."Life is good" There are many good things to find in each day. Simple things. A warm cup of tea. A soft fleece blanket. The purr of my kitties. Just recently on a cold windy day I stepped onto the porch and found a tiny wild violet growing near my porch. I pressed it and put it in my Bible,maybe God put it there just that day, just for me.

I take joy in a warm bowl of homemade soup. The birds that flock to my feeder. The smile of a child. The blue of the sky on a clear day,and the peaceful sound of raindrops while I rest on the couch. Dear friends life is good. God is good. All the time.

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