Thursday, November 19, 2009

Be a Christmas Angel

How to be a Christmas Angel

Polish your halo with a secret good deed.

Find a bright star in the sky and name it
after someone you've loved and lost.

Deliver Christmas food baskets in person to needy families.

Do something for someone else every day in December.

Bake gingerbread snowmen for a nearby kindergarten class.

Spend a day at a nursing home, visiting those who are alone.

Offer your arm to elderly neighbors caught in the holiday rush.

Offer to help decorate your church for the holidays.

Hold doors open for everyone.

Give a pair of gloves to someone in this season of warmth.

Be as generous with time and money as you can this Christmas.
Reflect on how God has blessed you and those you love.

Give the gift of hope to all you meet.

Adopt a needy family and make it a Christmas to remember.

Apologize to anyone you wronged during the year.

Feed the birds and enjoy their song of thanks.

Read one book during the holidays that affirms your faith.

Ask a nursing home if you can be a 'buddy' to a lonely senior.

Teach your children pride in their ancestors' holiday customs.

Watch fewer games on TV during the holidays
And play more with your kids.

Try to do better between now and next Christmas.

Count your blessings.

Sing your heart out.

Make a joyful noise.

Go home for the holidays if you can.

Give the gift of "I Love You" this Christmas
To someone who hasn't heard it enough.

Practice kindness to all.

Don't be a Scrooge.

Send cards signed "Love, Santa"
To nursing home resident who don't get much mail.

Run errands for an elderly person who has trouble getting around.

Give thanks.

Believe in what you cannot see.

Bring tidings of comfort and joy to all you meet.

Share stories with your kids of favorite
Christmas mornings when you were a child.

Share your Christmas meal.

Let good cheer begin with you.

Do your best to give others a very merry Christmas.

Look for miracles in every child's eyes.

Give the gift of giving.
Give more than you take.

Write a Christmas letter to the one person
Who made you believe in yourself.

Toss all your regrets and "Bah Humbugs" away.

Put visions of sugarplums in a child.

Strengthen family ties.

Wear red a lot.

Take a homebound neighbor to see the holiday lights.

Wear one red and one green sock,
just to bring a smile to someone's face.

Point out to others the beauty of Christmas.

Lift someone's spirits.

Give a Scrooge a reason to believe in Christmas.

Keep spirits bright around you.

Take an elderly neighbor Christmas shopping and out to lunch.

Let nothing you dismay.

Hang an ornament on your tree to honor a loved one who passed away.

Give a gift to those who make your life run smoothly.

Don't forget to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Keep a list of ways to make the holidays brighter and check off one a day.

Buy a cup of coffee for someone working out in the cold.

Listen closely when people share their Christmas memories.

Give from your heart.

Spread Christmas joy everywhere you go.

Learn to say "Merry Christmas" in different languages.

Prove to a child that Santa is real.

Forgive someone's debt this Christmas.

Help a child mail a letter to Santa.

Listen to Christmas bells, and remember how angels get their wings.

Ask Santa what he wants when you sit on his lap.

Bring a basket of Christmas cheer to your local fire and police station.

Surprise your kids by waking up before they do on Christmas.

Be the first to wish "Merry Christmas" to all you meet.

Practice forgiveness this holiday season until you get it right.

Help rekindle someone's faith in Christmas.

Hug someone who has the Christmas blues.

Discover the true pleasure of giving anonymously.

If friends are alone for the holidays, invite them to join you.

Be good for goodness sake.

Listen to the prayers of children.

Be someone's secret Santa.

Count your blessings and don't stop until you reach one hundred.

Thank those who make you realize you have a wonderful life.

Be a friend who listens in this season of fragile emotions.

Keep the fantasy alive for a child.

Bring joy to someone's world.

Let the memories of those you loved and lost live on.

Be merry and bright.

Make someone's Christmas the best ever.

You are Christmas Angel

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