Thursday, January 28, 2010

Be Blessed by Stress

I'm glad each morning when I rise.

I'm glad for the breath and health inside.

I'm glad I can hear the birds sing and musical sounds.

I'm glad for the inner peace I've found.

I'm glad I can see sunsets, faces, trees and rain.

I'm glad I'm getting stronger and overcoming my pain.

I'm glad I can feel and touch my loved ones.

I'm glad I can smell flowers and food in the oven.

I'm glad I'm giving up this stressful race.

I'm glad for each precious day and hour.

I'm glad because of Him, I have power.

I'm glad I'm growing and opening up my mind.

I'm glad that things do get better with time.

I'm glad when others are pleasant and give me a smile.

I'm glad for what I'm learning each miracle mile.

I'm glad to know His love sets me free.

I'm glad to learn to let go of worry, anger, self-pity and mess.

I'm glad because now I know...I'm too blessed to be stressed.

Jewel Diamond Taylor

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