Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life is Subject to Change

What was happy can turn to sad, things get
rearranged and nothing stays the same. You cannot
always choose the changes that come your way.
But you can always choose your response. Whether
you are facing an empty nest, life after divorce, a
new city, change in your health or a change in your
daily job policy and procedures, change in weather or
a change of heart from a friend/lover/spouse, learn to
adapt rather than be a victim of change.

Sometimes change is needed but you want to hold on
in spite of the writing on the wall. The need to
change or let go can be obvious, inevitable and the
signs are everywhere to be seen and heard. You
may be resisting change with all your will in fear of
the unknown or the need to have what's comfortable
and familiar remain status quo.

Just like the seasons change, your life
changes. You have to be open to the change that
is coming and willing to learn the lesson it often offer."

Jewel Diamond Taylor

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