Monday, August 10, 2009

Keep pressing forward

The difference between success and failure is not in how many times you get knocked down. The difference is in how quickly you get back up.
High achievers experience at least as many setbacks as everyone else, and often quite a few more. Yet they refuse to let those setbacks stop them.

There are plenty of things that can come along to ruin your plans, and many of them are impossible to avoid. You don't have to let those things ruin your day, or your attitude, or your determination to move forward.

In fact, the more life pushes against you, the more clearly you'll see and understand how to push ahead. When you so choose, you can transform every setback into a new opportunity.

When the situation changes unexpectedly, choose to quickly adjust. Somewhere in all that change there is valuable energy that you can harness and put to good use.

When you get knocked down, get back up quickly. You'll very likely see a new way forward that you had never noticed before.

Ralph Marston

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