Monday, August 10, 2009

You are still blessed

* You may not have the house, car or job
that you want --- but you know you are still

* You may not have someone to call you
sweetheart --- but you know you are still blessed,
worthy and whole.

* You may not like the way your body feels or looks
right now --- but you know you are still blessed and

* You may be achieving slow progress with your
goal --- but you still feel determined.

* You may complain at times ---- but you know you
are still blessed.

* You may struggle with issues of anger,
resentment, depression or worry --- but you know
you are too blessed to be stressed.

* You may feel stuck between "when and why" ---
and yet, you remain grateful, hopeful and

* People may misunderstand you, drain you,
criticize you or ignore you --- and yet, your self-
esteem, courage and peace of mind
remain in tact.

* You may struggle with an addiction --- but each
day you are overcoming it with a strong "Yes, I

* You may find fault in yourself and others --- and
yet, you continue to teach your heart to heal and
live with wisdom, discernment and love.

* You may be tired of waiting for your
breakthrough --- but you won't give up.

Jewel Diamond Taylor

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