Monday, October 6, 2008

Influence the world with your thoughts

Saturday, July 26, 2008
10:53:37 AM CDT
Feeling Determined
Hearing nag..nag..nag

Influence the world with your thoughts

Give, and you will have. Teach, and you will learn.
Listen, and you will be understood. Live with kindness, and kindness will live with you.

Respect, and you will be respected. Be truthful, and it will be nearly impossible for others to deceive you.

Keep a generous spirit, and your life will be filled with abundance. Seek to bring out the best in others, and they'll give you the best that they have.

Give your genuine encouragement to those who thirst for it most, and you'll be encouraged beyond all measure. Speak positively of your world, and your world will be a rich and fulfilling place.

The world you influence with your thoughts, words and actions is the world in which you live. Always be your best, and that world is a great place to be.

Ralph Marston

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