Monday, October 6, 2008

Mel's Beliefs

9:17:49 PM CDT
Feeling Quiet

Mel's Beliefs
I believe myself to be a very spiritual person, although, I don't attend any one regular church right now and although I grew up Roman Catholic, I carry some beliefs in my life that would make even the most Reverend Mother Superior cringe. I make no means to appologize for my beliefs and my thinking. I have only one to answer to in the end, and for me, that's enough to keep any unbridled behavior in check. I try to live out each moment with the thought of how others would feel. To some this sounds a bit co-dependent and if that's the tag you must put on me, then so be it, but for me, to make a conscience effort to treat others as I would like to be treated and to consider their feelings before I take actions is by far for me, a smarter way of living. I pray with all my heart that my children will do the same with their lives.

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