Monday, October 6, 2008

My Girl

7:29:35 PM CDT
Feeling Quiet
Hearing Back in Black - AC/DC

My girl

My oldest daughter Megan is my salvation. It is within her that I found meaning in my life and a reason to move in a forward direction. I can't say I made a wise choice in her paternity, but I can say she makes everything in my life right. I can't really decide who she reminds me more of, her father or myself, so obviously there are lots of times I want to choke her little chicken and other times I want to hold and comfort her (gotta be the yin-yang thing, cause they say that some personalities you find obnoxious is only because it's the thing within you that you dislike, now there's food for thought). Megan is bright and beautiful (where she got her blond hair I"ll never know); she's like the best friend you had in high school that you didn't want to be apart from for long. She's moody, but she's loving and her heart is bigger than an ocean. She's got a good head on her shoulders and some common sense but not much for book smarts.

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