Monday, October 6, 2008

My Kevin

9:22:20 PM CDT

Feeling Flirtatious

My Kevin
Kevin, my foundation, gives me strength and keeps me strong. Some people think he's rather gruff and grouchy, I wonder if maybe I like that in him. Still, there are those days when his attitude really pisses me off, but I know that's because he thinks differently than I do, and in that perspective, everyone at one point or another can piss me off, so I guess I'll just stick around those that piss me off just a bit less. LOL We share so many values and ideas in common, and although from different circumstances, we lived similar lives. That's really important to me, because most times he understands what I'm feeling or thinking without me really saying it. I really appreciate that in him, because as I said before, I don't come from a family of well communicative people. Over the years, he's invested less energy in showing his concerns or his care for my feeings or emotions, but then again, I suppose if you think of it, he really shouldn't have to constantly appease my insecurities. If I am secure enough with myself and with my life, then I don't constantly need that reassurance from him that he adores me as much as the first day I met him. Just every once in a while would brighten my day.

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